Need an Ark? I Noah guy. Part 2.

Saturday 11/08/2021 “Umm… Sir. I just want to let you know that there’s only about 3 hours until we close for the day.” I knew we were in for an experience when the parking lot attendant seemed genuinely concerned that we had only 3 hours available to explore the Ark Encounter. There would be aContinue reading “Need an Ark? I Noah guy. Part 2.”

Need an Ark? I Noah guy. Part 1.

Friday 11/07/21 Twenty-two months.  Could it really be twenty-two months since our last trip? Nothing like a global pandemic to slow down travel, but we’re back in business. Tiff and I flew down to Louisville, Kentucky on the advice of a friend, and it did not disappoint.  We spent less than 3 hours in theContinue reading “Need an Ark? I Noah guy. Part 1.”

Stunning Views in Vacationland

My family and I spent last weekend at one of our favorite places on Earth: Wells, Maine, USA. Those of you connected with my Facebook page know that time involved coffee, reading, and some amazing views of God’s workmanship. It also involved a pretty awesome conversation with my 8-year-old son, Anthony. We were throwing a football around on the beach, enjoyingContinue reading “Stunning Views in Vacationland”

The Top 5 Objections to Christianity Exposed has identified the top five objections to Christianity. Those who have left the church and those who were never part of the church share the same top five.  -The Christian faith and I have different views on social issues like abortion and gay marriage. -Some Christian groups are too intolerant. -I don’t like how some Christian groups meddle in politics. -Many Christians areContinue reading “The Top 5 Objections to Christianity Exposed”

Excerpt from “Jesus: Fib, Dead, or God” 9/24/21

Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee every day. We drink more coffee than soda, tea, and juice combined. It’s serious business. For many, coffee is an integral part of their daily routine. So much so that over half of all coffee consumers would rather skip a shower in the morning than skip their coffee. IContinue reading “Excerpt from “Jesus: Fib, Dead, or God” 9/24/21″

Love Requires Hate- 9/10/21

Adolf Hitler was responsible for the genocide of about six million Jews and the killing of over 50 million people overall. That’s an unfathomable level of evil. So would it seem right to you if, after unapologetically sinning until he committed suicide, God rewarded Hitler and welcomed him into heaven with open arms? Of course not. AndContinue reading “Love Requires Hate- 9/10/21”

Softserve Salvation? 8/27/21

The original Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt (froyo) restaurant opened in January 2005 and quickly exploded in popularity. It gained a cult following amongst celebrities and became a trendy must-visit spot in Los Angeles. With so many people driving across the city and waiting in lines of 20-30 minutes, Pinkberry was dubbed “the taste that launched 1,000Continue reading “Softserve Salvation? 8/27/21”

Unbelievers are building with no Blueprint- 7/30/21

My kids love building Lego sets. It’s a fun challenge that requires serious focus. They know that when they open that Lego set, the manufacturer has provided every part they’ll need to build the finished product. But it’s not just the parts. The manufacturer also provides a photo of the finished product and an instruction manual showing how toContinue reading “Unbelievers are building with no Blueprint- 7/30/21”

Jailhouse Salvation- 7/16/21

In the book of Acts, we read how the Apostle Paul and his companion Silas were stripped, beaten, and thrown in prison for preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. What ensues is amazing:“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly, thereContinue reading “Jailhouse Salvation- 7/16/21”

These People have to be Nuts- 7/2/21

Do you regularly find yourself thinking, “these people have to be nuts” when you read about current affairs, politics, or pop culture? It’s tempting to conclude that our world must be more out of control than ever before. But check out this Bible verse written almost 2,000 years ago: “Do not conform to the patterns ofContinue reading “These People have to be Nuts- 7/2/21”