Need an Ark? I Noah guy. Part 2.

Saturday 11/08/2021

“Umm… Sir. I just want to let you know that there’s only about 3 hours until we close for the day.”

I knew we were in for an experience when the parking lot attendant seemed genuinely concerned that we had only 3 hours available to explore the Ark Encounter. There would be a lot to take in. The attendant directed us to park and then head over to an on-site bus station where we would catch a shuttle to the Ark site. My jaw dropped as I looked out the shuttle window and saw this gargantuan Ark off in the distance…

As we stepped off of the shuttle, we were greeted by this awesome sight. The rainbow, a symbol of the covenant God made with Noah following the flood.

Did I mention that this Ark is absolutely ENORMOUS? It’s built to the specifications outlined in the Bible– 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet long. Just how large is that? It’s so large that the woman we asked to take our picture with the Ark couldn’t fit it in the frame!

We continued to marvel at the sheer size of the Ark as we approached it. It was time to do some exploring…

The craftsmanship on the Ark’s interior was a sight to behold in it’s own right…

Beyond the engineering marvel that it is, there was a wealth of information about how how many animals were on the Ark, how they all fit, how the calculations for the Ark were determined, etc.

It was also super-helpful to see just how the animals were housed, fed, and cleaned up after.

I appreciated the apologetic resources that the Ark provided to defend against common attacks on the Biblical creation story (aka the truth).

Every Christian parent is tasked with preparing their children to live in this fallen world. We’ve done our job if we train them up to build their lives on the good news of Jesus Christ– the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. The Ark could make for a great family trip before sending off our kids to encounter woke atheist professors and students at our universities!

And for those with younger kids, there is even an on-site petting zoo…

Overall, both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter were amazing. They were both faith-building experiences and a lot of fun. We did them both in one day, but they each easily could have been full-day excursions. I most definitely would not try to do both in one day if you’re bringing kids. And if I only had one day and had to choose, I think you have to go for the Ark. Our God is so awesome – it’s a joy to explore what He’s created!

My feet were sore from a day full of walking, but that didn’t stop us from waking up the next morning and running 13.1 miles around Louisville! We had a blast completing State #14 in our Fifty State Half Marathon Challenge. And, of course, no race day is complete with our crushing some post-run pancakes!

ALL of the glory, ALL of the honor, ALL of the praise be to our King, the one true living God.

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