Christianity Uncomplicated

What Readers Say

“Life is complicated. This book isn’t. James gives answers to those head-scratching questions we ALL have about God. By using completely honest, totally relatable and frequently hilarious real-life examples, (the kind where you have to laugh out loud because you’ve been there), he masterfully uncomplicates things. If there’s a way to untangle the spaghetti associated with knowing God… James has surely found it! This book is a must read for everyone on a quest to simply but completely… find God.”‘

“I loved the writing style, the examples and the explanation s of quite tricky concepts! It’s brilliant. Such easy reading and helped me to think deeper about God throughout. Looking forward to the next book!”

“This is a must read! James takes what can be seen as a difficult subject (to either understand on your own or try to explain to others) and he crafts it into a piece that is not only easy to read, but easy to grasp! No, you don’t need a P.H.D. to find God! It’s for everybody!!!!!!!! And James takes us on a journey to do just that- using everyday scenarios we can all relate to and useful information to help along the way!

Already found God and have a relationship with Jesus? Or do you wish to give the gift of salvation to your family and friends but can’t really ever find the words at the perfect time? Then consider buying this amazing book for the people you love! You won’t regret it!”

“Every point directed and explains everything the Bible and how it points to one person, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Gives permission for doubt and clears away the cobwebs from the truth. Point by point dispels conspiracies and helps you come to your own conclusions. A must read for the skeptical and the believer.”