You’ll Know Them by Their Fruit

This is a testimony of the goodness of God, and a ‘Thank You’ to those who serve in Youth Ministry.

Last night my family and I were at Mount Southington skiing with another family from the church. By the end of the night, the little ones had gone home, but the ‘big kids’ ages 8-10, stayed to get in a few runs on the more challenging trails.

We had a major dilemma.

One of the more challenging trails at the mountain is the “terrain park.” It’s fairly steep, narrow, and full of jumps. It also happens to be the trail situated directly beneath the chair lift. So, as you ride the chair slowly up the mountain, you’re treated to a view of the more advanced skiers and boarders at the mountain hitting jumps, grinding on rails, and otherwise navigating the challenging terrain.

 The kids wanted to ski down that terrain park “so bad.” But they were rightfully apprehensive about it also. There was a lot of nervous discussion on the chair lift about whether or not to go. That continued at the top of the mountain after we unloaded from the chair. My Dad and I offered to split up – one adult could take the kids who wanted to do the terrain park, and one could do a different trail with the kids who didn’t.

And then it happened.

As the kids were deliberating, one said, “Hey – we could pray about it.” To my amazement and joy, all four excitedly agreed. “Yes!”, “Yea, let’s pray,” “Let’s do it.” There, at the top of Mount Southington, unprompted by their parents, they prayed. Unashamed, they prayed. As my Dad and I looked at each other in awe, they prayed. As I saw what was happening, I fumbled for my phone to capture the moment.

I share this to give ALL of the glory to our God and to say “thank you” to everyone involved in children’s ministry. If you’ve been to our Sunday services, you’ve probably heard me talk about this. Whenever I have the honor of serving as Host, I am responsible for dismissing the children back to their classrooms. Indeed, I had done so earlier that very day. And it always involves an explanation that our youth ministry is not simply “daycare” during church. It is one of the hardest-working ministries in the church. The kids learn age-appropriate Biblical lessons and are surrounded by other believers.

Iron sharpens iron.

Jesus Christ said you will, “know them by their fruit.” Well – our youth ministry bears undeniable fruit. I never imagined my kids would want to go to church to be with their friends. I never imagined a service that would lack the blood pressure spike associated with trying to keep your kids quiet. And that’s why I will continue to encourage other parents to come, “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Thank you to all who serve.

By the way, all four kids went down the terrain park, loved it, and did it about another 10 times after that!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture and testimony. Praise God. Teach a young person they way they should go and they will not depart from it. Prov 22:6…Amen!

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