Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? 04/02/2021

It is indisputable that Jesus of Nazareth, the man, existed. Even atheist scholars know and agree with this. The real issue is whether He was simply a man, or if He is God in the flesh as Christians believe. There is a popular belief in our culture that Jesus was a wise moral teacher. Essentially, that he was an enlightened wonderful man… but just a man. I would respectfully and lovingly explain to proponents of this belief that they can’t have it both ways. The reason why is very simple, and it’s something we can point to when asked what makes Jesus different from any other wise moral teacher— i.e. Moses, Muhammad, Dalai Llama, Buddha, Confucius, etc. Jesus didn’t just claim to hear from God, he claimed to BE God. In other words;Wise moral teachers don’t claim to have existed before the world began — God does. Wise moral teachers don’t claim to have the ability to forgive sins — God does. Wise moral teachers don’t say they intend to come back to judge the world at the end of time — God does. Wise moral teachers don’t say the things Jesus said. So the question must be asked.. was He a liar, a lunatic, or LORD?
PS- if the liar/lunatic/Lord principle resonates with you, you can google “CS Lewis trilemma” to read a version that is roughly 6,000 times more eloquent. 

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