For our friends and listeners at All My Favorite People!

I was honored and so excited to be a part of All My Favorite People with Brittney Jones– hopefully you found the episode entertaining.

As promised, I have a free bonus from my book to help strengthen your faith and share it with others.

Thanks for listening and can’t wait to hear what you think! God Bless.


While you’re here, why not get the book?

“OMG. I just read your book. I’m speechless! I completely enjoyed reading it. I especially enjoyed the real-life analogies.”

“Dude! This is fantastic and so needed! Speaking as a regular person with a regular vocabulary.”


“Loved the stories you used. Love how simple it all sounds. I’m already like, OK, who am I going to share this with? My brother, family members, friends.”


“I’ve read it in a few sittings, and [Wife] and I actually had a great discussion about the Big Bang Theory after I read that section. Love the God/No God spreadsheets at the end of chapters. I like books with some application or overall takeaways like that.” 


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